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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 1 리뷰 review

You are not going to believe me when I say I put on weight in Ethiopia,
but why my pants are so tight..
The traditional food with injera (sour dough pancake).
Proper way to eat it, use your right hand, not the fork :)
Juice here is amazing!!
From top left to clockwise, mango, pineapple, papaya, and guava!
All made with fresh fruit!
Transferring in Dubai.
 Emirates Airline uniform has a distinctive white scarf for female crew.
Another traditional lunch.

Despite the city is near the equator, Addis Ababa is not hot because of the elevated altitude.
It has been rather chilly for me, actually.
More traditional lunck.
Yes, I got sick of it after 3 days.
Machiato, ginger tea, and black tea.

Looking smart!
TOMOCA coffee. The best coffee in town.
I tend to do this...
lucky there was someone who understood my sense of humor and took this for me!

Mango and nothing. The best mango juice ever.


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