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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2 리뷰 review

I wish this city and the country the best of success and well being :)
In Addis, you can take your wallet out on the street without worrying too much,
which is very dangerous in the neighboring country Kenya. 
Of course there are people who surround you,
call you "China" (China simply means foreigner here),
try to sell something or beg, but they are harmless.
It's amazing how safe this city and the people are.

Layered juice! Mango-Guava-Papaya-Guava!
how you make the layers +_+
I received a traditional dress...
I wore it on the last day and got lots of looks and comments from locals.
Strangers came up to me and called me Ms Gonjo! (Ms Beautiful! Hooray!)

Even the cars stopped right away when we were trying to cross the road with me in this dress.
A colleague said, "You will get away with anything in that dress."
My table for 5 days.
It was interesting to see the mix of common modern items (such as bottled water and high end hotel)
 and underdeveloped side of the city (sheep on the street, begging children, and incredibly old cars).
Coffee ceremony with jebenna (iron skillet)!
The grass on the floor means blessing.

With herb-floating black coffee with much sugar,
colo (roasted grains) and popcorn are commonly eaten. I loved colo!!

Coffee is "Bunna" in Amharic (the official language of Ethiopia)
We went shopping for scarfs, but this is what I found in the back room of the scarf shop.
(photo taken with permission)

And I bought this painting!
Initial price $55, after bargain price $25.
I really like it :D

Sheep are everywhere.
People live with animals in their homes,
especially during winter season (now) as it keeps the house warm.
You will be surprised to know how chilly it gets at night.

National Museum of Ethiopia,
where Lucy, the (alleged) first human being, lies.

One thing I regret... I didn't have much avocado :'(
I heard it's very good here.

But I did try the avocado juice!
Well, this one has all different sorts of fruit AND 1/3 of avocado.
Very thick, filling, and yummy!


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