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녹색당 후보 Emma Hine의 Launch 생각 thoughts

며칠전 Bec에게서 이런 문자가 왔다.

Hi guys, my sister is having her launch this sunday [greens candidate for Moreton] and we're asking our friend's to come and support her. Free lunch is provided and trail walking after. 12pm toohey forest. Please let us know if your keen to come
Emma. 실물이랑 쫌 많이 다르지만 -_-;

Bec이랑 워낙 친하기도 하고, 정치적인 문제로 가끔 얘기를 해 본적은 있어도 실제 정치인(-_-;)을 만날 일이 있겠냐 싶고, 오늘 원래 Diane이랑 같이 가려고 했던 재즈공연도 마치는대로 간다길래 가기로 했다. 아침에 Bec네 가서 같이 점심 먹고 어쩌다보니 같이 음식 준비도 하고 이래저래 해서 한시 반 쯤 도착. 원래 계획이 약간 수정되어서 12시 대신 2시, 점심 대신 애프터눈 티 타임을 갖는 걸로 변경.

집에서 보니까 연설문 못 외울까봐 무쟈게 긴장했든데, 하긴 그냥 보면 보통 스물여섯살짜리 여자애다. (우리 나이로는 27) 원래 언론에서 오기로 했었는데 출발 전 전화 인터뷰로 대신하고 사진을 보내주면 내일 기사를 내 주는 걸로 타협. 미디어가 안 온다니까 섭섭해 하면서도 긴장은 많이 풀린 듯 했다.

장소는 녹색당 답게 그냥 숲 속 공터(?). 호주에는 어딜 가도 의자, 쓰레기통, 화장실, 바베큐 시설 등이 잘 되어 있어서 모임 장소를 찾는 것이 어렵지 않다. Launch, 우리말로 하면 론칭 파티(?) 정도 될텐데, 그냥 사람들 초대해서 간단한 Speech(연설이라기엔 좀 간소한)를 하고 다과와 담소를 나누는 자리.
연설 중인 Emma.
20명쯤 예상했는데 (우리 10명 포함 -.-) 사람들도 꽤 많이 오고,
제법 진지한 질문도 많이 오갔다. 예상보다 성공적!
언제나 즐거운 애프터눈 티 타임. 메뉴는 어딜가나 거의 비슷하다.
크래커, 크래커에 곁들이는 치즈, 햄, 딥. 과일, 래밍턴(케익), 음료수.
Launch 대강 끝났다 싶었을 때 후다다닥 날아간 재즈 공연.
캥거루 포인트에 있는 Story Bridge Hotel, 밴드는 Up The River.
저 춤 추시는 할머니 빨강 구두 센쓰.

음악 정말 좋았는데 리더도 없고 바닥이 최악이라 셋이서 수다만 열심히 떨었다. 그래봐야 결국 춤 얘기었지만 -_-; 아, 오늘은 남자 얘기도 좀 했다! 큼, 생각해 보니 사귀다 깨진 리더(그러게 애인은 다른데서... --)들 얘기였으니 결국 춤 얘기에 포함되는 건가? 이 작은 도시에서, 그 작은 커뮤니티에서 얼키고 설킨 커플이 어찌나 많은지 -_-;;; 

이하는 좋은 이야기가 많아서 옮겨 본 Emma 스크립트. (보여달라 그랬다 -.-)

Hi everyone thanks for coming.
When I tell people... ... and that's exactly how I feel.

I figure if anyone whould play a role in shaping the future of our country...
Young people have the biggest stake ...

In fact, without calling the pollies in Canberra...
On top of the omnipresent threat...
fears about job security because of WorkChoices additional burden paying off HECS debt
while rental prices, property values & cost of petrol disturbingly

I'd like to know how many ...
For 14 years from 1972, university fees were abolished.

And what about accommodation costs? In 1990, interest rates

peaked ~ 17% (times were tough) Today ~ 6.5%
Even though much lower, wage required to meet repayments on an average home 25% higher
The reason? House prices ridiculously high.
Need a review subsidies & incentives that exist for property  investment
because young people are being priced out of the market
We need to figure out why...

According to research by Dr Jago Dodson & Dr Neil Sipe of GU's Urban Policy Program
interest tates & petrol prices will be a volatile mix for electorates like Moreton.
Because 1/2 all 1 home buyers in outer suburbs of major cities
More dependent on Cars(lack p.t. infrastructure) - 15%

average household expenditure goes on transport costs.

I know from talking to my own friends & meeting people from Moreton on campaign trail that petrol prices in combination

with inadequate public transport is hurting.
Best argument I"ve heard friend "Really cheap everyone can afford" or "Really expensive and provide cheap, convenient p.t."

One of our rivals Senate election, FF, made 10c/litre petrol discount election platform.
Greens on other hand calling immediate removal of GST from p.t. and transition to fee p.t. by assisting state governments meet costs.

I think facilitating the use of mass transport systems instead of personal vehicles makes particularly good sense

in view of the need to combat climate change.

I resident of Eight Mile Plains recently emailed me to let me know be thought the party's plans for a light rail network step in right direction.

But concerned about where the elecricity for this plan was going to come from and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with it.

A good question! I was delighted to be able to tell him about The Green's recent announcement of a 3 billion dollar

Sun Fund to make Australia a world leader in sustainable energy and help reach our emissions reduction target.

One of the initiatives of this Sun Fund is to get photovoltaic panels on residential rooftops, so hoseholds can generate their own clean energy, sell their excess energy to the grid and save money on thir elecricity bills.

But what about my taxes, I hear you ask, aren't I going to have to pay through the nose for these otherwise fabulous

sounding plans?

Well, no - because it is a matter of diverting the billions of dollars currently spent on subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, and channelling it into research, development and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Climate change has presented us with an opporunity to move in a new direction with our energy supplies, and its one

that can lead to less pollution which means better health, the creation of 100s of 1000s of new jobs, and evergy

security for future generations.

We have so much to lose by not meeting the challenge head on, and so much to gain by acting quickly in an effort to

constrain global warming.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the afternoon tea.


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